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“You must conquer me.”

It was what he had heard before. The first had said it to him. She had spoken her truth on her knees in front of him their first night together.

“I want you to take me. To over power me. Break my will. Make me bend to you. Force your control upon me.

“I won’t make it easy. I’ll fight you, fight your will at every turn. But know that it’s my greatest desire for you to win. I want you to find a way to make me yours, make me submit to you.

“I’ll never just strip for you. You must tear my clothes apart. I’ll never cater to your every whim. You must push me to do as you wish. I’ll never beg or plead for your body, nor will I ever simply lay down my flesh at your feet just because it is your desire to have me. You must take what’s yours. Fight my fury for every kiss and fuck you wish to have.

“I want you to conquer me. Can you? Will you?”

He tried, but never did.

This night, our first night, I sat on my knees in front of him prepared to speak my truth.

I was not her. And I knew I would say something all together different.

“I submit to you.

“I give my body to your desires. My will to your guidance. I kneel here in awe of you.

“My greatest wish is my head on your knee. Your hand caressing my hair. Knowing all is right because I am here with you and you are here with me.

“I want only to be yours, totally and completely. I ask for the privilege of being dominated by you. Of submitting to you. Please tell me what you want; I will fulfill it. Make any rule; I will follow it. Give me the tools to please you and I will never go astray.

“Use my body as you desire. My mouth, my pussy, my flesh is for your enjoyment whenever you have need of it. My mind is to be cultivated from your knowledge. My life enriched by being yours.

“Please, may I submit to you?”

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