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“Happy to be helpful.” is a phrase I often toss out when people thank me for my assistance. I hope I never sound flippant when I say it because I truly mean it. I like being helpful towards the people I care about.

To start my Fusion, I was a defacto shuttle service for my friends. I woke up early, packed my trunk with all my things, and then headed over to IPCookieMonster’s home. She had baked goods, created by TruthInRope, that needed shipping to camp.

Trays of deliciousness secured in my backseat floor, next I headed over to GreyMalken’s home. We squeezed in his few bags (he thankfully packed light this camp), and then we were on our way.

A quick food stop and about two hours later, we were at camp pretty much when I had anticipated. After greetings and short chats to catch up, I dropped him off at his cabin and then rushed to mine. I was still operating on a schedule with other obligations coming up. I nested for a few minutes, discovering the extent of the wasp problem in my cabin, only briefly mentioned before I had arrived, and hastily made my way off campus.

Next stop, the airport.

I arrived at the cell phone parking lot with ten minutes to spare. Once I got the call, I slowly rolled around and picked up my last cargo for the day. Gray had bussed down; Naiia had flown. With my things, GreyMalken’s things, and TruthInRope’s cupcakes now emptied from my car, the two of them had no problem fitting in their luggage.

After a quick stop at Target for a few forgotten items, and the liquor store for a few wanted items, we were soon back at camp. I dropped Gray and Naiia off at Oink (a cabin I would visit multiple times during the weekend) and then made my way back to my cabin.

My Fusion adventure had begun.


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