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Studio 58

I hadn’t been to the space in quite some time. Drama and yuckiness aside, my life has been far too busy to fathom going out to a random Saturday night party at any play space, let alone the one I found myself in this past Saturday night.

But there was more than one draw that got me out to a town almost an hour away. Merely looking on the RSVP, I could see so many of my friends were venturing farther than I would need to, and the sheer number of my friends in attendance was more than enough reason for me to go.

I’m glad I did.

My night had no play by design. I wanted chill time with friends.

I spent the majority of my fun in the Cigars, Boots, and Chocolate area. I started off with a cigarillo, but then progressed to a cigar. It was small, but it lasted much longer than I thought it would. I spent nearly an hour slowly shrinking my stick. The taste was smooth and light. The smoke smelled great. I enjoyed the mellow the tobacco imparted me.

From my vantage point in a camp chair towards the back, if I merely looked to my right I was given a framed viewed of two friends scening. Fire danced across flesh about fifty feet away from me. For about ten minutes my head rested on my hand as I watched them play.

Once my gaze turned forward, I was greeted with the sight of a hot bootblacking scene not ten feet away. It is a heady thing to be a bootblack in a scene with three other bootblacks sitting near you. I gave encouragement while others heckled.

During my CBC time, I had a conversation with a friend from Philly. Plans were made for fun in just over a year.

When I ventured away from the CBC area, in search of a restroom, I found myself giggling with a Bambi while we waited to relieve ourselves. As we fidgeted, I caught peeks of a CookieMonster dancing in rope.

As my night trudged on, I enjoyed more conversations, more giggles, and more hugs. There was a split second touch of a knife that promised more to come. A random conversation about random things, because that is our way and I like it. A hunt to procure play for friends with a 1 out of 2 success rate. And my perving said one successful pairing.

More friends dropped by. There was fun had by many. I even squeezed in a poi practice session.

My night ended with yet another hot scene to be perved: two very pretty people with very pretty knives.

All-in-all, Studio 58 had a great re-naming night. I hope to make my way back through its doors for many more times to come.


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  1. TheSilverDoe says:

    RambleGRUE?! I am glad this is going to be a thing. Very, very glad indeed. Be still my heart.

  2. So glad you ventured out and had so much fun!