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Phoenix Ensnared

Rope Camp Memories continued…

As I left Lew’s Predicament class, I wondered what Gray & Murphy spoke about. Well, it turned out Murphy needed a distraction, and Gray was his man.

As I returned to 1/2, Lqqkout, Murphy & Cabin Thug were all headed towards the Dining Hall, three men on a mission. Their task: Phoenix’s takedown.

What Murphy had talked about with Gray was setting a trap for Phoenix so they could nab her. I followed the boys, eager to see what would happen.

We approached from the hill, out of her sight line. She was in front of the Dining Hall chatting with Gray. Murphy quickly cut around the building. With Lqqkout and Cabin Thug coming from the hill, they planned to grab her from all sides. The two waited til they saw Murphy was in place. Gray stood, talking with Phoenix, making sure she stayed put.

Quickly, all three NYRs swooped in, and encircled her. They picked Phoenix up and started tying her. All the while, she cursed Gray for holding her there.

Myself, Gray, Lochai, and some of our friends looked on as the boys ensnared Phoenix, binding her for transport. In response to her curses, Gray approached the boys and requested twenty spanks be given to her from him.

As the group watched, Lochai also smoked a cigar. Ever the good Cabin Bitch, Lochai flicked his ash into my hand. I politely asked him if he wanted me to eat it. He, in fact, did. I lapped up the small brick with glee. Soon after, the boys picked Phoenix up and took her away.

The group trekked back up to the cabin and deposited her on Cabin Thug’s bed. Murphy and Cabin Meat were by Phoenix’s face. Cabin Thug spanked Phoenix with his sword. However, most cruelly, he spanked her and counted the way Lqqkout liked. 1…1,2…1,2,3…1,2,3,4… The ordeal was so hard and intense for Phoenix that once they get to ten, the boys decided ten strokes on two cheeks counted as her twenty.

Murphy then beckoned me to grab a half of the broken oar from the Rigger vs Rigger competition. I then gave Phoenix ten soft strokes with the handle. There was no doubt; her count was now complete.

To reward Phoenix for her pain, Lqqkout brought out a Hitachi and started using it on her. But she whimpered that the toy was too strong. Instead, Lqqkout put on a glove and started fingering her. With his talented digits, Lqqkout made Phoenix cum.

As per Murphy’s request, I got Phoenix some Gatorade. I knelt in front of her and opened the bottle for her. She sat up, and sipped a bit. She worked mostly at calming her breathing. He drank a bit more.

Murphy then formally introduced me to Phoenix, who I had seen around camp, but we had not yet gotten a chance to interact.

Battered, high off her orgasm, and now breathing regularly again, Phoenix had to run. The boys had nabbed her just before her DM shift; perfect timing.

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