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A Master And His Pet


“New ones, young ones, budding masters and studious apprentices, a dark time is upon us. I need not tell you of the threat looming beyond, for I know you all feel it. We train you, we guide you, in hopes that one day, when you must fight, you will use the power, the knowledge we have imparted to save yourself and others.

“Some of you will thrive; some of you will die when you leave us. To give you the best chance possible, we will be bringing in more Sirs and Masters to instruct you.

“Learn, for when you leave us only life will be there to teach you.”


“When do you want to study?”
“I have commitments to my future family’s household.”
“Friday?” Pet turned, feeling his hail before his words left his lips. He kept the words in his mouth, the exchanged glance enough to appease him. “I must go. My duties call. We will figure something out later.”
“Please don’t forget. I still do not understand the web.” Deve called after, Pet scurrying to the Master’s side.


“Shall we take the galley way, Sir?”
“Master,” he corrected her.

Pet was well versed in the difference between a Sir and a Master, though all her other instructors just went by the generic title. She had yet to meet a Lord.

“Master, shall we take the galley way?” With a ding, the common lift opened. It was old, with rickety noises, and slow moving.  Discouraged, she shuffled his things onto the lift, the Master carrying the lightest of his bags.  Pet rolled two huge cases, with a third one slung over her shoulder. She closed the lift door with a clang. The compartment jolted and then slowly ascended.

In sideways glances, Pet took in the figure of the Master. He was handsome, that she could not deny. Older, of course, for few if any attained his rank without a life of instruction. His suit was well made, as was his luggage. Moneyed? His eyes were worn, yet strong. What battles had he fought? What dangers had he conquered?

Creeping up, the lift stopped on the very next level. Opening the gate, Pet was greeted with the sight of her friend Slew.

“I’ll take the next one,” the red haired girl spoke, exchanging looks and grins with Pet. Slew could see her friend was occupied.


“So many girls.”
“Yes, Master. You arrived on the boys free day. Usually no studier stays in during their free day.”

Pet placed his things in his salon.

“I hope the accommodations are to your liking.”
“And if they are not?” The Master’s question caught her off guard.
“You have use of me, however and whenever you please.” It was the appropriate answer, one that was drilled into every studier when it was time to prepare for their apprenticeship. “Would you like me to contort the room to a better liking?”

Pet saw the Master grin only slightly. She supposed he did not expect any further answer.

“What do you know of fortification rites?”
“Quite many an incantation, Master.”
“You are a final year, correct?”
“Yes, Master.”

It was hard to tell who was skilled and whose knowledge was left wanting.  Everyone found sex magic differently.  Everyone entered their training at various ages.  Pet, though, she was something special.  It was rare for a final year to be only twenty-five.

The Master opened the bag he carried, and pulled out a blade. With concentrated eyes, he held the metal flat in his hand. Pet watched as his lips moved, charming his incantation. The blade rose, hovering an inch above his hand. But at once, his concentration broke, and the knife fell back into his grip.

“Might I try, Master?” The Master looked up, seeming to have forgotten Pet was in the room. He gave his consent with his eyes. Pet slowly stepped forward, gently took up the blade, turned and knelt in the center of the room.

“Master, do you have other metals you want fortified?”

The Master looked on her suspiciously, though Pet could not see his stare.

Crossing the room, the Master retrieved the bag Pet had carried over her shoulders. Opening it, the Master pulled out curved pieces of metal. It was a ring. Locking the sections around her, the ring encircled Pet.

“Thank you,” she said as the Master slowly stepped away, his eyes locked on her. Pet still held the blade softly in her hands.

This time it was Pet’s lips who moved, whispering her incantation. As the blade slowly lifted, Pet raised her left hand, extending her left index finger, pricking the tip. A drop of blood lazed down the blade. Her whispers continued.

Now the ring lifted, hovering at first a few inches from the floor, then floating just below Pet’s eye line.

Now Pet hovered, her eyes ablaze as her concentration never wavered. The ring began circling her, its plane ever changing, but ever spinning around Pet, increasing its speed as the energy of the incantation grew.

From the line of blood on the metal, lines of crimson shot out, weaving around Pet and the blade, the ring enclosing them. The red orb-web grew until it seemed Pet was tangled in it, yet the lines never touched her. Only the blade, which hovered still a few inches above her hand.

With a pulse, Pet’s body rocked. The blood lines collapsed in, closing around the blade, enfolding their pulsing power over the metal, until finally sinking into it. The metal glowed red a moment; then Pet, the blade, and the ring lowered.

The final words Pet spoke aloud.

“May the blood web be never broken.”

“How did you do that?”
“Sir?” The Master ignored the slight discourtesy.
“How did you…”
“You have use of me, however and whenever you please.” This time Pet gave the grin.

Not even Daedon understood all of the Sex Magics, and he had found the arts at a young age too. But Daedon did know one thing: the Head Mage had been right. Pet was something special. Daedon could not deny the fire now burning inside him, a fire for this girl, kneeling on his salon floor.

Pet, merely sensing what want Daedon had of her next, and feeling the sacrifice of her spell, slowly unbuttoned her white collared shirt. Daedon’s abdomen throbbed. Soon, with just her under things on, Pet stayed on her knees, looking up at the Master expectantly.

All magics had prices. Daedon knew, in Pet binding the blade, she had also bound herself to the metal, bound herself with power he could only dream of possessing. He hoped, when he entered her, as he fucked her, but a drop of her energy would somehow enter him. For even a drop of this young one’s essence would be enough to sustain him for a lifetime.

Writhing on his floor, sucking on her neck, her breasts, scratching, clawing at her body, and her moans filling his ear, Daedon whispered, “I have use of you, however and whenever I please.”

He made his thrusts hard, deep. Daedon could feel Pet’s pleasure, could feel as her muscles clamped down on him, could feel the energy she pulsed from her body. Every inch of her flesh burned with warmth. Daedon feared and loved this magical being in his arms.

“Master. Master.” she whispered, desperation in her voice which only added to their combined sexual energy, only made the coupling last longer, grow harder, as he drank in her lust and she enveloped all his poundings.

Yes, he would teach her, as the Head Mage had asked, no, begged. She was indeed a rare thing, talented, full of the energy and with a natural skill level he had never seen before. Yes, Daedon would teach Pet, though he rightly knew he would also learn just as much from her.

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