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Scotty’s Boots

My Last Night: Scotty’s Boots
Back inside The Naked House, we all settled in the living room. I placed my bootblacking kit on the floor by a comfy chair in the corner. 

Who was to be first?

Unfortunately, Scotty had to leave in about forty-five minutes. It was a school night.

Scotty sat in my chair. PrincessA, Hautewerk, and Belarian took spots on the couch.

I had previously informed the group how I preferred cigar service while nude, as well as bootblacking. Now that we were inside, I decided to give the group a striptease. 

Using the entrance arch to lean against, I slowly took off my buttoned down white shirt. I lifted my gray tank top off. Turned around, I bent over, unzipped my skirt, and slid it down my legs. My panties followed. I unhooked my bra and flung it away, but covered my breasts. Slowly turning, I revealed them once I faced the front, timing it perfectly with the music playing on my iPhone.

Show over, I sat on the floor, again on PrincessA’s blanket, and began my work. I first cleaned Scotty’s boots with saddle soap, taking care to massage in the liquid and massage it off with my towel. With his boots resting on my thighs, Scotty tormented me as he wished, pressing into my flesh and dragging his heel along whenever he so chose.

When I finished cleaning his boots, I asked Scotty if I could kiss them. He said I could. With his heels still on my thighs, I bent forward and worshipped his leather. At one point, Scotty began kicking my inner thigh. I could tell he was aiming for my cunt, but I was seated in a way to make this move difficult, if not impossible.

Finished with worshipping his leather and ready to start conditioning, I resettled myself, spreading my legs in anticipation of my work. Scotty took the opportunity and began kicking my cunt. The blows rocked me back, but I pushed into them. I started to moan.

Adjusting my body again, I sat up closer and began riding his boot, my clit rubbing against his leather. I asked permission to cum, twice. He gave his approval both times. Finished with his torment, Scotty raised his boot to my face. I kissed and licked my juices off of his leather. I then rewashed the area and continued with his blacking.

As I was wrapped up in Scotty’s boots and his torments, I heard sounds in the background. A friend of the naked house arrived, though we were not introduced. Two people ended up on the bed, moaning as well. And it sounded like two people were having fun on the couch. I saw none of this, though. My world began and ended with Scotty and his boots.

As I applied Huberd’s to Scotty’s leather, a particular Prince song began playing. Scotty liked it so much, he turned the music up and began singing along. I smiled. Soon after, a particular Usher song began. I again smiled.

As I finished Scotty’s boots, I still did not want to let go of his leather. I continued to massage his boots, running my hands down the length and up the sides, over and over. When I was finally satisfied, I placed his boots down on the ground. Scotty looked down on me and thanked me.

I asked Scotty if I could kiss him. He declined, sighting a cold. Instead he began massaging my back. His comfort turned to exquisite pain as he drove his knuckled into my flesh. I silent screamed, loving the torment of his hands.

Our time finished, Scotty again thanked me for my work, hugged me, stood and walked about. I cleaned up my kit. It was then I noticed PrincessA & Hautewerk on the bed. Wanting to give them their space, I left the living room as well.

Curious to meet the new arrival, I headed upstairs, thinking that was where everyone had gone. But, as I quietly strolled the hallway, I heard no one. A quick inspection of the attic proved fruitless as well. 

Where could they be?

And then I remembered the side door was unlocked. Grabbing my Zim jacket,  and zipping it up, I slid outside, the smell of cigars the first thing to hit my senses.

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