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Cigar Play 201

“Cigar Play 201: Let’s Burn Some Bitches!” – me

He skipped the simple intro. He skipped anything you could find on Google. That was not the point of the class.

From the start, Cigar Play 201 was about intensity. It was about expanding your base notion of what cigar play could look and feel like. This play was hotter than the cherry in his tobacco. It was the kind of play I loved.

He used his butterfly knife to cut his cigar, gripping his arm around her neck. Even the sound of his opening the blade, spinning it out from it’s handle, was enough to illicit a twinge in my panties.

He used her as a “humandor”, covering three cigars in a condom and slipping them inside of her. Sexy hillarity ensued throughout the class each time she moved.

He talked about ashing on different parts of the body. Ash on the bottom’s body for sensation play. Ash on your own body and ordering them to lick it off. He ashed on her chest, which then cascaded down her front, with flecks ending up on his boot. She dutifully licked his leather clean.

He brought the cigar to her face, to her ear. He brought the hot cherry close to her skin. Though we could not see it, she heard it. The crackling of her hair being burned off.

One of my favorite topics came up: smoke in the hair. She had just recently washed hers, making it difficult for the smoke to appear.

He asked me to pinch hit. I put down my notebook, bopped forward, and bent over with my head of hair ready for use. He blew smoke in, the heat washing over me. The class liked the demo.

He briefly touched on smoke and ash as items in rituals. I noted this for later.

To enjoy a tasty treat, she first prepped her tongue, pooling saliva in her mouth. He then rolled his ash onto her tongue. He especially liked the sound it made, “like a fajita in your mouth.”

For a bit of the dramatic, he held his lighter by the end of his cigar. His torch ignited, instead of puffing, he blew out. The gases built up in the cigar expelled, creating a flame at the end of his stick.

With a lump of hot ash in his hand, he gripped her hand over his. They burned together, nowhere else for the heat to escape but into their skin. They were marked together, a shared pain, a shared experience, a shared bond. I remembered that feeling.

He ended the class with an all encompassing demo. Using cat’s paw, he secured her wrists to her legs. One hand served as a whiskey holder. Another was an ash tray. Her toes held his cigar. He used the three sticks in her pussy to fuck her. He allowed her to cum.

Class dismissed.

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