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He requested that I wear heels. As I walked towards his cabin, I tried to remember the mini lesson given to me before I departed for our play date.

Toe, heel. Toe, heel.

When I arrived, at 9pm on the dot, he shooed me away for a second. Inside he made one last decision with the help of two of his cabinmates. I put my fingers in my ears and hummed, not wanting the surprise to be spoiled. A moment later, he invited me in.

I grabbed his bag, and we were off… until he realized he’d forgotten something else. Back pedaling, he slipped inside and grabbed whatever it was. I slowly reversed my steps and waited, again.

I half expected he was trying to build up my anticipation, or anxiety. If he was, his actions were not necessary. I was already antsy, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

Everything finally ready, we started walking again. I took the steps down off the porch slowly, as well as my footfalls on the path past the cabins towards the Dungeon. I don’t normally wear heels.

“What are your hard limits again?” Uh oh.
“Um… don’t cut off any limbs. Don’t shave my head. No bathroom funsies.”
“Bathroom funsies?”
“Yes. Do you need me to explain?”
“No, we won’t do anything that will require a bathroom.”
“Okay. Um…No marks on my face, but bruises from slapping are fine.”

I struggled to keep up with him as he trudged through the grass towards the class tent. The space was empty, save for the play equipment. He had me lay his bag on a wodden coffin.

Oh shit. Is this the day someone finally fucks with my fear of the dark?

Upzipping his bag, he began pulling out his toys. Some I recognized: the red strip cane, the paddle I christened, rope.

Some were new: his Ow stick, some small metal hooks.

Some were worrisome:
“Random question: Has anyone’s nipple ever been riped off by nipple clamps?” I asked.
“No, not that I’ve ever heard of.”

And then there were the ones that intrigued me: a small green zippered pouch,… and an ass hook.

As he displayed his wares, occasionally he looked up at me or asked me if he’d used whichever toy on me. I tried not to give too much of my emotions away.

I asked him if it was okay if I set my bag down. He instructed me to leave it by the tent pole behind me.

He asked me, if I didn’t want him to give my aftercare, who should he find. On instinct, I said DeepEnd and SkinnyBitch. They were my cabinmates, and I had seen them right before I left.

I asked him when I should take off my glasses. He said now. I bent over and slipped them into my bag. I stood back up.

And then he grabbed my hair…

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  1. Jade says:

    I am loving reading your posts about Fusion! I was there as well, and have so enjoyed juxtaposing your days/experiences with my own.

    I’m including a link to this post in my Friday Favorites tomorrow. 🙂