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I was nervous. Incredibly nervous. We chose a point out in the open, with everyone able to see me. We chose a point over concrete. If she fell and hit her head… We chose a point outside, with the Sun on a downward path.

I was nervous.

But Amethyst was my Big Sis, which both increased my worry but eased some of my fears.

This was to be practice. I needed practice, and she wanted to be in rope.

I needed to tie other bodies besides my own. I needed to understand how other people’s parts worked. I needed to push myself.

So we chose Wednesday evening after dinner to play.

After gathering my things, I began setting up my point on the Y truss beside the Sex-o-Rama tents. The Sun was going down, but I knew I had plenty of time to work. I used every piece of webbing I owned to secure my ring at my preferred height. I locked off my knot and slipped a carabiner in as a safety.

Amethyst arrived, strecthed, and we began.

Going into this, she knew I would not be Ms. Dom-ly Domme. It is not in my nature anyway. Instead it turned into a playful conversation as I wound my hemp rope around her body.

At first I tried one hip harness, but she found this one to be uncomfortable and I didn’t like the way it sat on her body.

I started again.

I chose a simple chest harness, adding a line over both of her shoulders.

And then it was time to lift. I did it slowly, hip and then chest and then legs. She sat back into it. Immediately she knew she couldn’t stay long. It was the one rope over her shoulders. Instead of giving support, it made the chest piece uncomfortable. She was up for about a minute.

I got her safely down. I unwound my ropes. I asked her about the other pieces she sat in. How could I improve her experience for next time?

As I checked and coiled my ropes, I realized I had set myself up to fail. I wanted her to have this awesome rope-y experience. I wanted to be this awesome rigger who could get her up and keep her there forever.

But Big Sis is Big Sis for a reason. She reassured me. She comforted me.

I got her up and I got her down safely. This was practice, not some intense energy exchange or malicious pain acceptance. Just practice, and two friends getting to spend time together.

Every rigger starts somewhere. Amethyst was my first tie of the weekend.

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  1. I have no regrets 🙂