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“She has an unfair advantage because she’s British.” – Gray
“I’m going to write a letter!” – Slut

I knew going in just how to act to get my way. I used the smile, the down turned head, the quiet eagerness to lure her in. I dropped into little mode, the fifteen year old girl inside of me wanting something I knew I couldn’t ask for.

She was obviously interested in me, brushing against my skin, eyeing me up and down. She held rope, which I wanted on me. And she wanted to do the thing I couldn’t ask for.

And when she asked me about it, I told her how much I liked it. I told her how I moaned and squirmed, and how I like it hard and soft. She seemed to like that.

Soon her rope was over my wrists, and I was over her knee. I loved the sound of her hand meeting my ass, loved being in someone else’s control.

But then my Master caught us.

I groveled at his feet, tried to calm him down. He yelled at her, blaming her. When he asked me what happened, I told him I never said she could spank me, only that I really liked it.

My Master yelled some more. I stayed at my place on the floor.

I felt bad for the lady, felt bad that she had to suffer the anger of my Master, but I kept my mouth shut like a good little slave, except that night I wasn’t one.


I love Gray’s Apocalytakink class. I especially love it when I’m prompted to act in his scenarios.

For this particular ideration, I was to lure an unsuspecting Top into playing with me in a way that was specifically forbidden by my Master. Unfortuantely, Slut was chosen as the Top.

When she spanked me, Gray burst into the scene, acting as my Master, yelling at Slut for crossing a line she did not know existed. True to form, she stayed calm and tried to pivot the conversation.

The goal of this exercise was to have the class think about consent, explicit versus implied, as well as ways of “How To Not Be A Dick When A Dick Is In Your Face.”

By staying calm and not letting the argument escalate, I think Slut handled herself brilliantly.

And, after the scenario ended, I apologized profusely. Afterall, no one can resist my temptations. [/sarcasm]

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