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Abduction part 5

My abduction had a special guest. They walked into my line-of-sight after all my limbs were restrained, somewhere in the middle of my pain. I hadn’t heard their voice before then either.

They wore beautiful boots, black with red trim and buckles at the top. They used those boots to step on my stomach. They stepped on my chest. They stepped on my face and smeared the mud from their walk through the woods to my abduction onto my cheeks.

Murphy ordered me to compliment the special guest on their boots.

“I already did earlier.” I had, in fact, seen the special guest wearing those boots before my class and remarked on how beautiful they were.

“We don’t give a shit,” yelled Gray. “Do it again!” He punished me for my sass. I screamed out in pain, and then in adoration of the boots.

“I love your boots, X. All I want to do is kiss and lick them.”

“Now you are a filthy fucking slut,” remarked Slut.

With her hand now free from my cunt, Slut transitioned to biting me all over: my chest, arms, legs, stomach.

With PrudeNate’s hand inside me, I soon asked permission to cum again. I was refused.

I pushed through the pain, now not just the scratching and punches and biting, but also willing my body to not react, willing my muscles to not contract, willing my orgasm back.

Murphy said I would gain permission for my cum if I screamed out my name, Cabin Bitch For Life. I did. I came.

[Added thanks to PrudeNate:

As my torment continued, someone remarked that there was nowhere on my body that had not been punched.  PrudeNate, however, disagreed. 

“There’s somehwere she hasn’t been punched yet.”  The group looked to him in astonsihment, asking where. 

“Here,” he replied as he punched my cervix with his fist inside me.  There were many nodding heads of approval, as well as a few at-a-boys.]

During the duration of the scene, whenever I began to catch my breath, or Gray and Murphy thought I was getting too quiet (as in I wasn’t full throated screaming or sobbing), the duo beat me more.

“We want your voice gone. You’re not going to stop screaming.” I don’t remember which of the two said that.

N3rddom, who I’d barely seen throughout my ordeal, came into my line-of-sight, punched my chest, kissed me, and whispered into my ear, “Aren’t you glad you asked me to do this?”

When he stood back up, he also remarked, “What happened to you mindfucking us?”

With PrudeNate fisting me, CandleLover’s nails gripping my breast, and Slut’s teeth sunk down into my stomach, it became too much. At one point, Slut bit hard, pulled, and swiveled her head back and forth.

I tried to break free. I was so sweaty it was hard for everyone to hold my limbs as I wrenched my body around. I got an arm out, but was soon restrained again.

I needed to get away. I was able to curl my body away from Slut, but she never let go of my stomach. She just wouldn’t stop biting me.

Finally I had to scream, the most guttural scream of my life. “YELLOW!” Immediately people relaxed their grip. I curled into a ball away from Slut, away from her teeth. It happened to be into Big Bro’s lap.

I just needed a moment. I just needed water. I just needed Slut to not be biting me.

After I chugged a bottle of water, I said I was okay. I thought we would go on.

Instead Big Bro called it. I was done.

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