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Teeth are not sexy.  Yes, white straight teeth can make a person seem more appealing, maybe a bit more attractive, but teeth themselves are just a part, not a feature.

However, when a fuck buddy snuck up from behind once and whispered into my ear as a greeting, “I gonna bite your cunt,” before they bear hugged me, that shit was hot.

I am amazed, at times, how much biting can turn me on.  How nuanced what a seemingly simple sex act can be.

There is a spot, right where my neck meets my shoulder, that unfortunately does not get as much attention as my slutty nature would love.  When people sink down into that flesh, I feel instant arousal in my cunt.  My legs become jelly.  I find myself both grabbing their hair, pulling them in more for the bite, as well as grinding my hips into their crotch.  Biting my neck right there has gotten me almost to the point of orgasm.

Certain sections of skin are more sensitive than others.  When my stomach or my inner thighs have been biten, the sexual exchanged turned from hot and bothered to torturous and cruel.  I went from moaning in pleasure to whimpering through the pain.

My skin takes up bite marks really well.  In a memorable impromptu scene, a friend sunk their teeth into multiple spots around my neck.  My friend is very good at biting; for this particular exchange they latched on and held.  I yelped, then moaned, then ground my hips onto my seat.  When they had biten each side of my neck, as well as the back of my neck, they were so impressed by the indentations in my flesh that they pulled out their phone and took pictures.

When I reminisce about the different types of biting I’ve experienced, I’m put in awe by the varying range of places and circumstances.  I’ve had my feet biten during a foot worship scene.  I’ve had my breast biten so hard and for so long at the same spot that a nickle shaped bump lingered long after I walked away.  My ears have been nibbled while making out.  My ass has been biten in the midst of the two of us rolling around on a bed while naked.  And yes, my cunt has been biten.  I gave a delicious scream when my fuck buddy did it, held on, released, and then bite me again.

Biting, remarkably, is one area where the switch in me likes to come out.  While vigorously masturbating, or in the midst of really good sex, I’ve brought my own wrist to my mouth and sunk in.  For those partners who will allow it, I’m a big fan of biting their necks in the same spot I love.

However, what I especially enjoy is attacking nipples.  I’ll start slow with my stimulation, licking around the areola and flicking my tongue at the tip.  Then I’ll graze my teeth against the nipple before surrounding the base and letting my teeth clench.  I’m slow when I bite down, knowing each person’s pain tolerance is different.  It is a delicious taste to have another’s flesh in my mouth, compressed in between my teeth, as well as experience the sensation my damn self.

I am a big fan of biting.

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  1. Jade says:

    I can’t stand to have that spot between my neck and shoulder bit! That is one of the few places I am unbearably ticklish. Those other spots…hmm…I dunno. We’ll see. 🙂

  2. Sammi says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone bite down between my neck and shoulder – I may have to have him nibble there and see how it feels 🙂

  3. mckitten says:

    had to join in to say – that place between neck and shoulder – sooooo good to be bitten there. Especially when interspersed with licking and gentle, snuggly kisses.

    I love to be bitten, it was lovely to see someone else writing about it!

  4. Molly says:

    I love the opening part of this.. that is a seriously sexy greeting


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