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A Playful Predicament

First off, I must take a moment to, well, swoon. The trio of Chey, Stefanos, and Nerine is, well, an amazing wet dream. Each of them separately is a gorgeous individual. Together the hotness in the front of the class on Sunday morning was almost too much to take in.

I had had little interaction with any of them before their presentation. I was so very glad that, by chance, I had this opportunity to learn from them.

As the class began, Gray lightly rubbed my shoulders and occasionally brushed his fingers through my hair. Meanwhile Chey and Stefanos started with a game of Rock Paper Scissors; this was how, each day, they decided who was Master and who was slave. Stefanos threw Rock; Chey threw Scissors.

To describe their dynamic, the trio explained that Chey and Stefanos were married, Nerine was Stefanos’ slave, and Nerine was in service to the both of them. Seeing as there was only one poly class at WinterFire, I was pleased to have an example of a poly configuration pop up in a presentation I attended.

Chey and Stefanos made sure to emphasize at the beginning of the class that their presentation was on playful and predicament BDSM, not rope bondage. Yes, there would be some rope elements, but this was not going to be a rope centered class.

With Nerine in her predication, clothespins attached to a line of rope holding a Hitachi just out of reach of Nerine’s clit, Chey toyed with her, asking Nerine how much she wanted to ride the vibrator. Unable to take the tease any longer, Nerine said, “Fuck it,” ripped the line of clothespins off her breasts, and rode the Hitachi happily. And then it was turned off.

Chey and Stefanos talked about how the play they were teaching was still rooted in a D/s dynamic, but involved elements of the silly, joking, and playful. They emphasized having fun while still inflicting pain. The play took place just as much in the head as on the body.

Stefanos talked about engaging the bottom mentally, giving them assignments that created difficult cognitive tasks. For instance, make them choose between two negatives (the horrible tease of an almost Hitachi or the pain of clothespins coming off).

Nerine, ever the SAM (smart ass masochist), turned the Hitachi back on while Chey and Stefanos were speaking. “Did you turn your Hitachi on, slut?” Chey barked. “You’re only three fifths a person,” Nerine retorted.

Stefanos next talked about negotiations of limits beforehand, as well as implied consent in certain situations. He made note of explicit boundaries (no anal) versus fuzzy boundaries (oral possibly leading to sex).

Stefanos gave the example of a scene he had with Nerine Friday night. Stepping into the cage, he threw done his toy bag and said, “Let’s fight.” He did not give explicit permission for her to kick him in the back of the head, but he did allow for mistakes and mishaps to occur, which in that particular instance was the case. Basically, you can’t account for everything; shit is going to happen. Accept it and deal with it or don’t bother playing.

Next they talked about how humiliation could be incorporated into the play. Chey suggested yelling at the bottom; she loved using the word slut. Chey also mentioned possibly thinking of yourself as a drill Sargent. Stefanos, who had experience in the military, was helpful enough to give an example of just such loud interaction, dispelling Chey’s previous view of such actions.

When the talk of punishments came up, Chey mentioned a creative one called Spending Time With US Presidents. No one in the class knew what she meant. Chey asked if anyone had a coin. I, of course, pipped up that I did, but Gray quickly rushed into his pocket as well, as I leafed through my Hello Kitty bag, each of us racing to find a coin. Gray produced his a split second before I did, and Chey took his instead of mine, rewarding him with a smile. I instinctively… stupidly… idiotically… without thought or any notion of the ramifications of my action… elbowed Gray in his leg.

“Did you just hit me?” I sunk my head into my chest.

Where as Gray had previously rested his boots on my thighs, using me like an ottoman, he now pressed hard into my flesh. He slid his boot down and across my skin. He gave me but a taste of my future punishment.

As I winced and lightly screamed, he bent down and said, “This is a class; be quiet.” For the remainder of the presentation, I suffered my agony in silenced, twisted facial expressions my only solace from his pain.

Refocusing on the presentation, Chey suggested a good ice breaker for a scene: have the bottom lay out the toys in your bag in order of nicest to meanest. This would give the top incite on the bottom’s likes and dislikes, as well as where the bottom imagined the scene might go. Chey also mention watching the bottom’s body language as they laid out the toys. Maybe they lied about a certain one in hopes that you would not know how much they hated it.

Chey and Stefanos suggested starting this type of play slowly. As always, no one wants to break their toys, and you don’t know what might trigger the person you are playing with. They also mentioned this type of play was good for experienced bottoms and novice tops, a point I noted to make to the Gent in our future interactions.

Chey had Nerine write directions on the best way to eat pussy and draw a diagram. Nerine was given five minutes to perform her task. At first Nerine was her bratty self, initially suggesting step one was to boil water and step two was to scald the pussy. With three minutes left, she drew a squiggly line and started again. Nerine had five decent steps down, and something close to a drawing of a pussy, when time was called.

Gray, ever helpful, pointed out that Nerine misspelled tongue multiple times. Chey, ever in charge, exclaimed, “Are you sorry for what you did? You made my pussy look like a boat!” And, of course, Nerine just had to use the word ‘moist.’ “I think the word is lubrication.”

When it came to wordplay games, Stefanos excelled. He came up with ever changing rules for Nerine, so much so that even the attendees were baffled. And then there was his title: The Majestic Maharajah Maestro Stefanos the Magnificent. I think, though I cannot be sure, I jotted it down right. It was definitely a tongue twister.

To be truly cruel, the next game they showed pitted one bottom against another. When Stefanos asked for a volunteer, I immediately shot up my hand, but he required someone who would not take joy in causing another pain. I was out.

Instead another bottom came up to the front. He had her lift her leg and tied a rope to her thigh that was attached to Nerine’s chest full of clothespins, again. If the volunteer bottom dropped her leg, the clothespins would come ripping off. Nerine played up the scene, begging the bottom to keep her leg up. The bottom’s top came up to the front, taunting the bottom, knowing just where she was sore from the night before. Eventually, she could not hold her leg up anymore.

A so-very-simple game was called Who’s Who. Nerine had to guess who was spanking her. Was it Chey? Nope, it was Stefanos. Was it Stefanos? No, it was Chey. Was it Graydancer? Nope, another random audience member.

Towards the end, Chey toyed with Nerine’s favorite implement: the pink bat. Chey looked at Gray and asked him, “Gray, do you have hard or soft balls?” Gray replied that his balls were, in fact, hard. Chey said this was good because the bat was only for ‘soft balls’; Gray was in the clear.

Gray took this last section of the class to change up his torture of me. Instead of his boots driving into my flesh, he used the end of his pen to apply pressure points on my head and neck. He never let up his torment throughout the presentation.

As the trio finished up their lesson, taking bows with each of them showing their beautiful ass to the class, everyone clapped their approval; meanwhile, Gray punched me multiple times on my back. The attendees dispersed. I knew I was in for it.

I stood up and turned around. Gray stood and said some of the most wonderful horrible words I have ever heard.

“Tonight, during our scene, I am going to beat you harder than I have ever beat you before, and I will be justified in doing so. It has been a long time since I’ve given a righteous beating, but you have given me reason.”

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Nope, too late now.”

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  1. Graydancer says:

    Mostly accurate…

    However, I told you to be “quiet”, not “quite”, because you are quite enough already.

    Second, I’m fairly certain (but not completely) that the term I used was “righteous justice.” Beatdown is not a word I use very much.

    But yeah, the three of them…weren’t they dreamy?