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A Good Time —

With my current class dismissed, I drifted back down to the basement where I found lunch had magically appeared. I wasn’t hungry yet, so I wandered into the dungeon next door. MattP was finishing up his Dropping Bitches class and I was able to catch a bit of the knot he used to secure his […]

Full Contact Kissing —

She presented it in a way I had never thought about. She spoke about a passion one would not immediately think of: kissing. She pointed out how most people in the scene viewed kissing as a vanilla activity, but it didn’t have to be. Kissing could be a scene all in itself. As Symetrie spoke, […]

Passions —

We arrived five minutes early, groggy but excited. Inretrepida gave me a ride Saturday morning from The Naked House to the Grue, for which I was quite grateful. Otherwise I would’ve had to take three buses for about one and a half hours. As we entered we deposited our shoes to the left and deposited […]

Ash Slut —

“Would you like to come to cigars after?” – Gray“Yes, but I’d need a ride.” – me“You have it.” – Symetrie “What are the seat belt laws in this state?” – me“Put it on.” – GrayThe Meet & Greet ended at 10pm with the last few attendees walking out together, among them Inretrepida, Rough, myself, […]

Meet & Greet —

When I reached the top of the stairs and entered the restaurant’s second floor lounge, his back was to me. For a moment, I thought I shouldn’t immediately go up and say hi. He was, after all, working, and he seemed to be busy talking with Symetrie, a woman I briefly met at Shibaricon. But […]

A Public Transportation Odyssey —

When it comes to travel, I am paranoid. My alarm woke me up Friday at 3:30am. I had a 7:45am flight, but I still needed to bathe and pack my last few things. In my zombified state, it felt like my shower took forever. In reality it was more like thirty minutes. Next came the shoving […]

The Obligatory Apology Entry —

So I could go over the many reasons why I haven’t blogged lately. There was work: three straight days of nine plus hours. There was the travel that bumped right up against a gig. I literally got off work at 11pm, slept for two and a half hours, woke up, packed my car, and hopped […]

With Breakfast —

“I’ve only seen this shit in porn.” – AVI woke up Sunday morning knowing I had to pack, so of course I didn’t want to get up. But I did anyway. I folded my clothes, stripped my bed, and tucked everything away. With my bags piled up by the cabin door, I slipped on a […]

Enemy Of Love —

They asked us to give voice to our enemy. Name it. What kept us all from love? Symbolized by a wood carving pulled around the fire, people confronted their enemy. They gave it a name. They shouted, screamed, cursed at it. I stood on the edge of the circle, barely able to contain myself. I […]

Missed —

This Labor Day weekend I spent Friday, Saturday, and the morning of Sunday at FetFest. What I experienced during this event was my heart riped in two. My time spent at camp was colored just as much by the people not there as the people who were. As some folks know, a local rigger passed […]