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And The Winner Is…

Shay stayed beside me as I walked off stage.  Held me as I sat on a chux pad.  Rubbed my back as I started coming down off my high.

The show continued.  During Pig #6’s performance, I breathed in and out, allowing the adrenalin to cycle through me.  Soon I was good to stand.  I cleaned up the shoe grease from my pussy; watched the rest of the show with the other contestants.

I went back to being encouraging, cheering them on.  Tifereth was super nervous about her fantasy.  I had a good idea of what was going to happen.  It was all a ruse to “kidnap” her for a scene.  Rough dashed on stage as soon as the music started, taking her down easily.  Gray, as well as other friends I recognized, joined Canon in hooding her, tying her up, suspending her, and violating her for us all the see.

As a group, the rest of us contestants cheered her on from upstage.   She did great.

Soon, though, the last fantasy was performed.  The show was almost over.

As we waited for the results, other contestants came up to me and marveled at my fantasy.  A few even said I had their vote; they thought for sure I would win.

I tried not to think about it.  I had had my fun, had been fisted twice on stage from two people I care about, and was now free from my nerves.

I danced to the music playing, not caring who watched.  Shay joined me, as did Pig #3.  I gave an impromptu booty wiggling lesson, which was a lot of fun.

As we all waited for the results to be tallied, some of my friends came up to chat, one of which was Lochai, who basically told me I won, no doubt in his mind.  I was the only person who had received a standing ovation; I hadn’t realized that.

Soon, Lee was back on the mic.  The scores were calculated.

We lined up again on stage in the same order as we began, Pig #6 beside me on my right.  Lee spoke for a bit, but thankfully not for long.  He called us each up one-by-one to bow and receive applause for our performances.

He then announced the first winner-up, who should the reigning Dirty Pig be unable to fulfill their duties would have to step in as title holder (case-and-point: Gray).

It was Pig #6.  They stepped forward, accepted the applause.  I looked left at the rest of the contestants, who were all looking at me and smiling.

Does this mean…I mean, it could be one of you…Is this really happening…?

Lee announced my name.

I won.

I am Dark Odyssey Fusion’s 2013 Dirty Pig.

I was shocked.  I didn’t know what to do except step forward, my hands covering a sheepish grin on my face.  Lee put the tiara with four condoms (representing the 4th annual competition) on my head.  He handed me the strap-on harness and the Mr. S Piggy butt plug that were my prizes.  He presented me to the crowd.

But as he spoke, I saw Gray move from the judge’s table.  He hurried to the front of the stage, caught Lee’s attention, said something into his ear.

Lee stood back up and spoke again to the crowd as Gray made his way onto the stage.


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And The Winner Is…


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