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I was Pig #5.  Pig #6 stood beside me.  Our mystery contestant was Pig #7, Tifereth.  Pigs #3 and #4 were both friends of mine.  I’d blacked Pig #1’s vest early that day.  Pigs #2 were a couple I had not met before.  (Later, Pig #8 volunteered on the spot for the competition right before my pop question; talk about nervous-making.)

Lee stood at the front of the stage and called us up from our line one-by-one, starting with Pig #1.  She was Winter Fire 2013’s Little Miss Little.  This evening, however, she wanted to show her more grown up side.

When she walked back to the line of contestants, her hand slipped to my hip.  I started nuzzling her shoulder, her chest, as Pig #6 stood on their knees with their head on her hips.  We were a sexy corner of the show, until my number was called.

Instinctively, I sunk down on all fours and crawled to the microphone.  I vaguely recall Lee hooting that someone was getting the idea as I slinked my way forward.

I rested on my heels at downstage center, and saw that everyone was staring at me.  Lee asked me who I was.  It was time for me to introduce myself.

“I’m poeticdesires.  I am a filthy, nasty, dirty little slut, and I want to be your dirty pig.”

My voice was breathy, lower.  Almost a moan.  There were hoots and hollers as I smiled to the judges and the crowd, turned around, and crawled all the way back to the line of contestants, my ass swaying in my gray mesh dress.

Next up was Pig #6.  In reality, the entire competition could’ve been boiled down to Pig #6 and I.  For the next two hours, I’m sure our tallies were running neck and neck.  We both had the support of the crowd.  We both had all our friends bribing for us.  We both captured the attention of the judges.

Pig #6 had written out an introduction paragraph, speaking about their platform for the competition: advancing safer sex practices.  I respected and admired Pig #6.  If I was going to not win, I wanted Pig #6 to beat me.

Introductions complete, all seven of us exited the stage.  We all went back to our tent, everyone quickly changing.

It was time to start pop question.  Lee filled the time in between, but Pig #6 and I had another idea.  We threw on our strap-on harnesses and rushed to the edge of the platform.  We beckoned Lee over and asked if we could bribe the judges.  He looked down on us ruefully.

“Are you trying to upstage me?”

Pig #6 and I ran away.

After Pig #1’s pop question, we humbly, literally on our knees, asked Lee again.  He allowed our moment.

In bribe to the judges, Pig #6 and I gave a small show.  Pig #6 pushed me to the ground, pressed their boot into my chest, pulled out their strap-on cock, and shoved it into my mouth.  Next, they pulled out my cock, and we tumbled around the stage in 69 before we were kicked off the platform by Lee.  Bribe accomplished.

Later, my friends told me it was at that moment they realized the competition was between Pig #6 and me.


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