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So Fucking Capable —

~ a rant ~ I hate being so fucking capable, so dependable, so able to do it on my own. I don’t want to have to fucking do it in my own all the time. I want help. I want someone by my side to make the shit easier. Or, at the very least, feel […]

Fall Morning Fantasy —

“I want to make you cum,” he whispered into my ear. In my sleepy daze, I replied, ”Then why aren’t you inside me?” His hands went to my hips, pushed my pajama pants down and into the mess of the covers. His hands, again at my hips, lifted up my sweatshirt and tank top, exposing […]

Addendum —

Lips is in Germany for at least three years. When I told him how much I liked our time together, he said “Thank you.” Not that he liked it too.  Not an (albeit probably fake) we might see one another again. Just… Thank you. I’m done. Men are canceled. ~ Rafael Casal dropped another poem […]

Boys on the Brain —

Double Take looks like Gent in his email profile picture.  It’s uncanny and a little nerve wracking.  Also, like Gent, when I met DT he was engaged.  Now he’s married.  Unlike Gent, DT is sweet and kind, with a smile that makes me soft and warm inside.  Experiencing this made my liking DT so much […]

36 —

I am tired of seeking validation from men only to end up disappointed and in pain, physically and emotionally and mentally. I want a life full of happiness and love, children and dogs, friends who make me smile and who get me. I must live a life that makes me happy and feels purposeful; I […]

(Almost) Birthday Sex —

I’m tired and sticky and still in his bed. It’s 11:40am. I arrived at his place twelve hours ago. My pussy is so sore, and yes a bitch still wants more. Multiple squirting orgasms. The wave of six damn near continuous orgasms. It is damn near unlawful how long, how thick his cock is and […]

Overcoming Inadequacy —

Little dicks are not inherently a problem.  They are simply genetics.  Those who have penises have no control over how short or long, small or large they are.  However, knowing what you are working with should motivate your actions in bed. Thus I ended up having an okay time with a guy who had a […]

Wicked Game —

I played; you fought.I teased; you taunted.We burned, and then crashed.Karma?  No, condescension.Was is worth it? Always.Will it happen again?Maybe.  That’s up to you now.

The Rules —

So, what’s allowed? Is anything allowed? Us, this close? The smell of your colon And the sound of your breath Clouding my senses.  Your legs brushing against mine Too many times for it to be accidental. Is that allowed? Can you caress my hair? Grip it at the root,  Pull me in close. What about […]

Summer —

~ a poem ~Everything about him sparked somethingdeepin me. One summer, on a warm weekend (almost) night,with the smoke from the grill scenting the air,and the boom box busting lyricsI’ve known but heart since middle school,raising everyone up on their feet. The sway of my family, a gaggle of my cousins,only a few by blood,and […]